A general word about Special Offer Bags:

A full-price Woof Bag will be made out of three pieces of fabric – one for the base and two panels for the sides.

Special Offer Bags are generally (but not always) made out of off-cuts, as I try and usefully use up the smaller pieces of fabric that I have been left with, after making a few full-price ones. This tends to mean that the Bag may well have more than three pieces of fabric in it, possibly two to make the base and three to make the side panels. The Bag will also, therefore, end up with a couple of extra seams. The other aspect to Offcut Bags, is that the colours may not always match, so it may end up a stylish mix of shades!

However, I must assure you that the extra seams and different colours do not affect the quality of the Bags at all, or their ability to keep your doggy warm and cozy!


I am offering this bag at the very special price of £45. This is because it is not only made from 7 off cut pieces, it also has a prominent Snugpak logo on one of the side sections. And it is multi-coloured…

It will, however, still work just as well as a full price bag.

It weighs 500g, which is a tiny bit heavier than a full price one, due to the extra seams.

The price includes postage.


I have a 23″ Lighter Woof Bag on offer at £50.

At 23″, it’s suitable for maybe a spaniel sized dog. It weighs 415g, is the same quality as normal, but made from off-cuts, so different colours are involved.

The price includes postage.

If you’re interested but not sure about the size, please contact me 👍