The medium sized bag that I’ve made most of, has a base with a diameter of 27″ and seems to suit most average sized dogs, but please do contact me before ordering, about what size your dog might need.


For a small Woof Bag, ie: 23″ or smaller, I charge £70, including postage and packing. 

A medium Woof Bag, ie: bigger than 23″ and up to and including 27″, is £90, including postage and packing.

A large Woof Bag, ie: larger than 27″, is £120, including postage and packing.

Woof Bags are made using material from ‘human’ sleeping bags. I have to buy the same donor bag whether I make a small or a medium – but a large one needs two donor bags.

For Lighter Bags, I charge an extra £10 per bag, due to the lighter fabric being more expensive.


I can occasionally offer to make a small bag (eg Border Terrier sized or similar) at a reduced price. This depends on if I have any off cuts I can use OR occasionally I might have been donated a second hand sleeping bag which I have washed and checked out, and which would be suitable to use. So if you are in the market for a small bag, please contact me to see if I have any special offers available.