Measuring Your Dog

If you are interested in a Woof Bag I will ask you to measure your dog, from where its collar naturally sits to the top of its tail.

Try and get your dog in a natural stance for this, not stretched out or hunched up…. 😂

Please measure in inches if possible. I like to add 3 or 4 inches to the measurement you give me, to work out the size of the bag. For example, Pebbles measures 24″/25″ and fits nicely in a 27″ bag.

There is a bit of play in this – I think 2 inches more than the dog is probably a minimum to aim for, whereas if, for example, your dog measured 20″, a 25″ bag would still work, but I wouldn’t generally suggest adding any more than 5″.

Hope that all makes sense!

Here is Pebbles – the Chief Woof Bag Tester – doing a passable demonstration of a dog standing naturally whilst being measured 🙄