Making A Woof Bag

It takes me 5 or 6 hours to make each Woof Bag, but I don’t tend to do them in one long stint, rather over two or three days.

Once the pieces have been cut out, the first thing I have to do is overlock the cut edges. If I don’t do this, the insulation starts to fall out and I can’t work with it.

All the seams on your Woof Bag are turned back and finished, before being neatly covered with bias binding.

The circular seam between the sides and base of the Woof Bag is a bit different, so the binding is added almost like a piping. As well as neatening the seam, it also helps give some definition to the circular shape of the base.

And finally, the finished Woof Bag gets some binding around the top edge and another Woof Bag is ready for posting ❤